Sanden Computer Control System "SCCS"/
Sanden Data Management System "SDMS"

The SCCS system is a fully programmable, open architecture, Windows® based press operating system. All major press control functions are remotely controlled from the system's main console at the press delivery end. Circumferential and lateral register moves are standard features executed in exact one thousandth of an inch. Programmable ink and water sweeps ensure constant quality for each colour, even while accelerating through the speed range.

The SDMS system is a module based software suite of management control solutions. The base module enables real-time network access to the press allowing authorized personnel to access job data including make ready time, current count, impressions remaining, running speed, etc., all from a modem-equipped computer. Other modules include a password protected pre-programmed on-line maintenance management system with automated sentry for prompting of necessary maintenance requirements in logging their completion.